Whether I’m leisurely surfing the Internet or actually seeking out information, I have to admit, I’m guilty of that old adage of “judging a book by its cover.” There’s something about a website design when it’s choppy, confusing or slow that just screams “RUN!”  Not to mention the frustrations that can come from a website that does not flow, making it hard to find the information you are looking for. So, with the help of some (good) websites I have compiled a list of reasons why going the extra mile on your web design is a good idea.

You have the Power!

That is, you can greatly influence the information that visitors to your website take in first, and first impressions are important! Typically people will only read the first two paragraphs of a text before they enter scan mode and just gloss over the rest. That’s why it’s important to have a website design that is going to draw the eye directly to the heart of what you’re trying to say, sell or show. Websites with lots of distracting advertisements or ones that are a labyrinth of mouse clicks and menu options are often abandoned for their straight-to-the-point brethren.

Establishing a Web Presence

It may be hard to see the connection, but having a functional and appealing website is a key component to establishing a web presence. You want search engines to pick up on your website and in order for them to notice you, you have to get their attention with words. Search engines are looking for the quick answers. So, if you can offer a website that is going to get your visitor what they want with minimal due diligence on their part, then you have what it takes to work your way up the SEO ladder.

We’re Here to Represent

Now, let’s not forget the most important part of your website; showcase your company! It’s there to promote your brand and inform your clients. Therefore, your website is not only a reflection of your company, but it is a representative of your brand. You’ve already worked hard at creating a brand that speaks to people and is a reflection of your company, now don’t let all that hard work fall short by creating a website that is not user-friendly.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m a firm believer in a good website design. On the surface I think it shows your customers that you expect the best for your company and are serious about making their visit easy and enjoyable. But you don’t have to take my word for it, here are a few articles that help show just how important website design really is to your business.

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