Camas Swale Farms

About This Project

Camas Swale Farms is an organic farm located just outside of Eugene, Oregon. They relocated their farm in September 2014 and decided it was time to create a logo. They have established themselves in the community as a reliable, organic food source, to both families and restaurants, so their logo needed to represent that brand. There are several graphic design elements in this logo that are unique to the farm:
  • The Camas Flower
  • The Coburg Hills
  • The ying and yang symbol (created by the curl of the camas flower, the sun and the farmer's hat)
  • The farmer using hand-tools to emphasize the environmentally friendly practices.
  • The farmer's hat (which is the signature of the actual farmer's of Camas Swale Farms)
Camas Swale Farms has three logos: a primary, a secondary bold and a secondary thin.

Project Stats

  • Type Branding, Logo
  • Date September 17, 2015
  • Client Camas Swale Farm
  • Tools Pen and Paper. Illustrator. Graphic Design.