It has been proven in several studies that animals in the workplace (and in your personal life) are an inexpensive yet effective method of increasing productivity and morale. Our furry friends help relieve stress, boost morale, force you to take much needed breaks from your computer, are a constant source of inspiration and most importantly, are super cute.

Until very recently, I had a special whiskered comrade in my life and I can attest to these studies and their findings. The doodles, sketches, paintings and drawings of my cat could fill a museum. And those doodles, sketches, paintings and drawings helped me discover my artistic voice, ignited a creative fire inside me, and in some cases, influenced a particular style used for a logo or branding project. When I found myself hunched over my computer, aching, frustrated or in a creative rut, I would turn to my kitty just to get away from the project and to come back with fresh eyes and a renewed passion. Without me realizing it at the time, my cat was a conduit for creativity!

Even after her death, I felt inspiration. I wanted to work through my grief through art and writing. I am by no means a writer, but attempted to write a tribute for my loving friend and loyal companion. I hope that each of you finds inspiration today, and kisses your loved one (feline, canine, human or what have you!) Show some love to the ones that keep you going!



Punkin Hatchbytes Animals In the Workplace

Punkin (Miss.P) or to those who were closest to her, P, passed away peacefully on January 7, 2016 at the age of 13. This calico kitty bore a small, orange, pumpkin-shaped marking above her brilliant green eyes, for which her name Punkin derived. Her sweet and loving nature is why most called her Sweet P or Punkin Pie. Her inner beauty echoed her outward beauty and she was known to make onlookers gasp in awe at the length of her whiskers, or at the delicate fur that grew between her paws. She was known to catch flies with the stealth and speed of a ninja, yet delicately enough to release them back into the world. She was a constant source of inspiration (or a “mews”) for art, poems, and several songs. She held the title of Leader of the Pretty Cat Parade for 13 consecutive years (upon her passing, it has been voted that the parade will be cancelled indefinitely). She loved people singing to her while she ate food, getting “scratchies”, her sparkle fish toy, whipped cream, sitting on laps and fluffy socks that she would carry around in her mouth as if they were kittens. She was a loving friend, faithful companion and truly sweet as pie. She will be greatly missed.

Punkin was buried by her favorite summertime spot, where a sweet pea flower will be planted in her memory.