Welcome to Hatchbytes! Your northwest creative hub. We’re excited to introduce to you our new website design that compliments our business; from the fun to the functional! (FUNctional?) Here are a couple of website trends we had fun incorporating into our new website design:

Hover Buttons

Website Design Trend: Hover Buttons

Hover and ghost buttons are the new black when it comes to website design. About two years ago website design trends started shifting towards flat design, an era dubbed “the death of skeuomorphism”. Back in those days buttons on websites were designed to look like real life buttons with an almost 3D feel. Now, it’s all about transparency and simplicity. Head on over to our Works page and hold your mouse over a project. Viola! It’s small features like this that make a website design look clean and modern.


The Counter

Website Design Trend: The Counter

One of the main things we wanted to implement into our website design was a more positive user experience. We thought to ourselves, “what could we add that would make people enjoy their time on our site?” And so the mini burger counter was born. We thought this would be a fun “behind the scenes” glimpse at what it takes to fuel a creative team.


Image Slider

Website Design Trend: Image Slider

We’re a visual bunch, so a homepage image slider was almost a unanimous decision. Another trend that is taking over website designs is high-quality original photos.  Like I said before, web design has taken long strides towards simplicity, and as part of that designs have started to focus on images and typography. An image slider provides a more interactive experience for the user, which we like!


Responsive Layout


One of the most crucial things for a website to have is a responsive layout. A responsive website provides an optimal viewing and interactive experience on a number of platforms (e.g. desktop, tablet and mobile) with minimal use of resizing and panning. Mobile searches are taking over, so you better hope your website can keep up! Our programing nerds have been on this trend from day one, so go ahead, check out our site from your mobile browser!


Blog Page

Last, but certainly not least is our blog page. The digital world is all about sharing information. So, we wanted an outlet to provide our clients, community members, Internet surfers, fellow designers and SEO nerds with everything we learn along the way. But wait! It’s not your typical blog. Yes, we’ll keep you up to date on digital trends, but we also like to talk about things that are happening in the wonderful community we live in, Eugene, Oregon. So, kick back and stay a while.