One of the best parts about cruising through the beer and cider section of a local market here in Eugene is checking out all of the wonderful labels and names that breweries and cideries have crafted in order to showcase their wares. So, in the spirit of “market research” I’ve decided to pick out some of my favorite beers and ciders and give them props for a job well done! The first to find the spotlight is WildCraft Cider Works here in Eugene, Oregon.

Eugene Branding Spotlight: WildCraft

What They’re Doing

WildCraft’s mission is pretty clear, craft delicious ciders that are conscious of where the ingredients come from. They pride themselves in using only regional, all natural ingredients and skip using things such as artificial sweeteners and sulfates. My favorite part is that they not only use traditional methods of fermentation but also experiment with wild fermentation, which results in unique ciders that can stand on their own season after season.

WildCraft Flagship Cider

Why Their Brand Works

The simplicity and diversity of their labels says it all; a clear but catching font that speaks for all of their ciders. The beautiful yet simplistic basket of fruit that makes me wish I was carrying a bushel of apples through the local orchard. It remains familiar enough to catch your eye, even when they change the color to accent their latest release. My personal favorite is their flagship dry cider (shown right); the comforting green label and the little apple sun peaking between the mountains really makes me want to grab some bottles and seek higher altitude.

Tell Me More!

Not only has WildCraft created a brand that conveys their mission in a concise (yet fun!) way, they also made sure that they are accessible to cider lovers (and up-in-comers). WildCraft uses a responsive website that is a perfect fit for people perusing their website on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Right from the start you find yourself face to face with their lovely logo and inspiring mission statement. With ease you can scroll through their current ciders, seasonal releases and upcoming events. One of my favorite features of their web page is the simplicity of not having to click through several menu options to find what you’re looking for. Not to mention the handy side bars that showcase their upcoming releases and events.

So, let’s all grab a WildCraft cider and run away to the mountains! Or enjoy a bottle on the couch. Whichever you choose, I hope you will take at least a moment to ponder upon all the heart that went into creating a brand that speaks to not only cider lovers, but to anyone who has an adventurous spirit.

Cheers to WildCraft!


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