After a recent work meeting at The Barn Light’s new location here in Eugene, Oregon I was mustering up some creative ideas and wrestling with the world of search engine optimization when a  light clicked! Or more accurately, I was inspired by a stow-away coaster from The Barn Light and immediately set aside any thoughts of SEO and replaced them with daydreams of coffee, cocktails and beer!

What They’re Doing

Just take a step into either of their locations and I think it’s pretty clear that The Barn Light is TBL Logomeant to be a place where people can go to start their day, pull up a table and get to work, relax with a book or share some cocktails with friends. They are creating a space that is a getaway from your run-of-the-mill crowded sports bar. It’s a place where you can get a deliciously crafted coffee drink and celebrate your accomplishments with a pint. They host a number of fun events and have weekly game nights and a world famous karaoke!

Why Their Brand Works

TBLCreating an ambiance that is inviting to professionals, graduate students and the working creatives can be quite the challenge. The Barn Light’s brand is sophisticated and inviting, without being pretentious or over the top. The simple image of the barn light shining bright instills feelings of comfort and familiarity, it’s easily recognizable and can be used to spread awareness via social media, merchandise or awesome coasters! These happen to be some of my favorite! I love how they capture the identity of their brand on one side; with the barn light image and a friendly cursive font, and then on the flip side open the door to so much more with the light bulb burning right above the homey block font.  

Tell Me More!

The Barn LightThe Barn Light wants to keep you in the know! You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also check out their website where you can browse their menu options or even order swag! Their website is an easy to navigate scrolling design that is responsive to the device you are using to browse their lunch items or order that hoodie you’ve always wanted.

So, the next time you are feeling reflective and need a place to read or are feeling stir crazy and looking for a place with games and beer, I would recommend enjoying the comfort of The Barn Light. I’m sure you might run into someone from the Hatchbytes crew working on the newest website design 😉


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