I’m not going to say that our recent holiday trip to Hood River was planned specifically to go hang out at pFriem and try ALL of their fabulous beers.. That wouldn’t be very fair to all the other wonderful breweries in beautiful Hood River, OR! But I will say, pFriem Family Brewers, that you captured my attention last March with the release of your tasty libations in bottle form. Since then I have never been the same. And I’m not just talking beer, the beautiful branding of pFriem caught my eye as well. So I decided to take this month’s brand spotlight installment out of Eugene, OR and into the friendly tasting room of pFriem Family Brewers.

What They’re Doing

11009905_841532959255043_1731422624863525512_opFriem Family Brewers is an artisanal brewery located in Hood River, OR. They specialize in Belgian style beers, while still keeping true to their Pacific Northwest roots. Their brand is as elegant and distinguished as their beers; their classic line offers something for everyone. As far as craft brews are concerned I find them to be some of the most affordable bottles around. You can even step it up a notch with their elegant corked and caged Select and Barrel-Aged series. These are seasonal styles that have a way of making any occasion feel magical.

Why Their Brand Works

From the logo design to the merchandise, the branding of pFriem is consistent and incorporates beautiful graphic design. The golden wreath encircling the sophisticated pF reminds me of a regal crest that is used to seal a letter on beautiful parchment, or stamp the label of an artisanal crafted beer. On the Classic and Select lines the crest is guarded on either side by the image of two bears and rests Pfriem-Branding-Spotlight-Hatchbytes-1magnificently on the beautiful Pacific Northwest landscape. Their brand is so classy and chic it almost kills me, making me feel pretty darn special every time I enjoy a bottle. Their swag is equally awesome! We even picked up a couple of shirts while visiting, I couldn’t resist the hip Belgian bear holding up a glass and saying, “Cheers!”

Tell Me More!

Their tasting room, which is located along Hood River’s Waterfront Park, is a great place for a business lunch, dinner with the family or enjoying a couple of drinks at the bar. The open space gives you a front row seat to the brewery and they even offer additional seating upstairs for a more relaxed visit with friends. Their website is very user friendly and you can also purchase merchandise and select beers online! You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

So the next time you’re at your local bottle shop or market in Eugene, OR, make sure you grab a couple of bottles of pFriem and let their artisanal brews take you on a tasty trip to Belgium. Or do one better and road trip up to Hood River, OR to experience the greatness in person! In my eyes, great beer and beautiful branding is a match made in creative heaven.