For those who missed it, last month our creative team got extra festive and turned all of our social media accounts into a spooky countdown. Titled “#ByteofHalloween2015,” this campaign was a way to engage with our followers, get creative, and have fun! Here’s a peak behind the curtain.


But first, let me take a selfie!

An Idea is Hatched

We knew we wanted to create something for our audience that was unique, spooky, and from a design perspective, visually pleasing. We also wanted to engage with the community so we planned to feature local businesses like Oakshire and Sweet Life into our shots. Our first rule: have fun with it. And so we did! We pooled together some costumes, props, our creative brains (and of course some local beer!), and began shooting photos.

Details, Details


A good social media campaign pays attention to detail. Good thing we had our photographer on site, because man so much goes into getting a good photograph! After drafting shots, we pieced together costumes and staged photos, all with the big picture in mind.

Why #ByteofHalloween2015?

We like play on words almost as much as we like our hashtag, #ByteMe. Just like you would take a bite out of a Sizzle Pie pizza, we wanted to take a bite out of Halloween. We wanted to combine our branding with Halloween so #ByteofHalloween was born. And we dig it!



Why do a social media campaign?

You might still be wondering, what’s the point of doing a social media campaign? Campaigns like these are a great way to keep your social media accounts active and engaging. When you do something repeated like this countdown, it encourages followers to keep checking back. During #ByteofHalloween2015 the activity on our social media accounts was higher than ever before! Other benefits of doing a social media campaign include higher inbound traffic, better SEO rankings, increased brand recognition, and more. Stay on top of your social media by hiring an online marketing team like Hatchbytes!


See the #ByteofHalloween2015 campaign here!