On our radar this week is killer online marketing strategies that are happening now in Eugene! One of the most exciting things about creating our own social media presence was looking up all of the other Eugene businesses to see how they present themselves online. Some use humor, and others use witty hashtags, whatever it may be, Eugene is a unique place for businesses to thrive on social media. Here are four businesses that won our vote.

1. Off the Waffle

Strategy: The Facebook Giveaway

Eugene Online Marketing - Off the Waffle

If you don’t Like Off the Waffle on Facebook you’re missing out on tons of free waffle giveaways! The first time I heard about Off the Waffle’s weekly Facebook giveaway was when a friend of mine had won the contest. So, what do you think I did? Liked their page! (And went and got a waffle because of all the waffle talk.) Doing a contest or giveaway on social media is a great marketing tactic because a) it brings new people into your business and b) builds a good rapport with your customers. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!



2. Da Nang Food Cart

Strategy: The well-taken photo

Eugene Online Marketing - Da Nang

Da Nang Eatery is the perfect example of how social media can connect you to your customers. Since a food cart is never in a permanent location, it’s important to have a strong social media presence to reach your customers on the go. Every week Da Nang posts their weekly locations schedule along with a mouth-watering photo of their tasty food. It’s informative but also really makes you want to ditch your dinner plans and go get a bon mi. Their combination of high-quality images with appropriate hashtags and information is a great strategy for any business. WARNING: if you follow their Instagram, stomach growls are likely to occur.



3. Ninkasi

Strategy: #hashtag game strong.

Eugene Online Marketing - Ninkasi


Is there anything Ninkasi CAN’T do? From building their own recording studio to sending yeast up to space, this Eugene favorite kills it on social media. Their strategy is simple, share cool photos with their product in it. And it works! Ninkasi strategically utilizes hashtags to connect with their audience. For example, in this post (shown above) Ninkasi told users to share their weekend adventure and use the hashtag #TotalDomination for a chance to win swag. This is a great marketing technique because a) you get content to repost to your account and b) giving away your own gear is the gift that keeps giving, free advertising!


4. The Wayward Lamb

Strategy: the s/o

Eugene Online Marketing - The Wayward Lamb

Only a few months into the game, The Wayward Lamb already has over 600 followers on Instagram. One thing that a lot of businesses forget to do with social media is well, be social. Using social media to engage with customers and other businesses is a great way to build rapport and show that you’re active in the community.  The Wayward Lamb frequently does shout outs to their performers, DJs, special guests and other local businesses. This helps build a relationship with the community, which is vital for a new business.


What do all of these social media strategies have in common? Consistency. Keeping up with your social media accounts with regular posts is extremely important to holding the interest of your followers. That’s why a lot of businesses these days choose to hire an expert to keep up their social media and online presence. An expert like, Hatchbytes!

Is there a brewery, ice cream shop or other local Eugene business that you just love to follow on social media? Want to nominate their killer social media presence? Follow us on Twitter and Tweet us the name of the business!